Monday, January 17, 2011

Reflexive arcade eXpired - Time trial reset script

This is a simple way of resetting time trial of reflexive arcade games.
You have 60 minutes for testing, and then you have to register.

(If your trial is already expired, just reinstall the game
but don't start it, yet.)

First install the game but don't start it.

The bat script must be placed in the same folder as
the game's starting .exe (i.e. alienshooter.exe).
The script name can be what you want, like "start.bat".
Read the .bat file and edit it appropriately.

(Click on the image to download the .bat script.)

This .bat script needs 3 things to be setuped first,
for it to function properly.

1) First step is easy. Locate the game folder. In it there's a "ReflexiveArcade" folder.
Locate "RAW_004.wdt" in this folder. Now make a copy of it, and call it
"raw_004.wdt". Save the copy in the same folder.

(You could do it like this:

- Go to "Start" -> "run" -> type -> "cmd" -> hit enter.
- cmd.exe is on.
- type-> "drive_letter_where_you_have_installed_the_game:" -> hit enter (i.e. "c:").
- type-> "cd \" -> hit enter.
- type-> "cd your_game_folder\ReflexiveArcade" (i.e cd "games\alienshooter").
- now save a copy of raw_004 like this:
type->"copy raw_004.wdt raw_crk.wdt" -> hit enter
(if it asks for overwrite confirmation, type "y" -> hit enter)

:- )

2) Find the .exe that starts the game and make the modification in .bat file (see .bat file)

3) Step three is about finding the 'game number'. This is the registry key under
which some game info is stored. This info is stored at

(You could find this number by using Process Monitor, from
Start procmon.exe and follow the images below:

To run the game start the .bat file :)
Cheers ;)


  1. JUSTTTTT use sandiboxie to reset trial.

    Run game in sandbox,
    play for half hour, close the game.
    delete all files and folders from sandbox folder except User folder which contains save data.