Wednesday, August 29, 2012

Philips DICOM Viewer download links

This software opens .dcm files and DICOM directories/folders. Its
purpose is to access information from image acquisition systems
(Computed Tomography,Electrophysiology,Fluoroscopy,
Interventional X-ray,Magnetic Resonance Imaging,Nuclear Medicine
and PET,Radiation Oncology,Radiography,Ultrasound).

From "Release_Bulletin_DICOM_Viewer_R26.pdf":

"The Philips DICOM Viewer R2.6L1 can be used to view DICOM image information available on  CD/DVD/USB or any DICOMDIR  for non-diagnostic illustration purposes.When DICOM image information will be distributed by means of CD/DVD or USB, the DICOM viewer can be distributed together with the DICOM image information on the CD/DVD or USB. The Philips DICOM Viewer R2.6L1 is not intended nor designed for any kind of Clinical and/or diagnostic purposes."

Download links:


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